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My two hour hotel lesbian threesome with Anastasia and Katerina

Anastasia and Katerina were just about the best lesbian duo escorts I’ve found in London. Before carrying on I better just clarify something – I’m a girl. So I’m bisexual and love getting it on with another girl, or in this case, two girls.

The price didn’t bother me – for a couple of hours with Anastasia and Katerina it cost upwards of £400. But as a busy professional woman I can afford it, and also I need the discretion of escorts as nobody in my personal or professional life knows my secret pleasure.  I could tell from the pictures they would be worth it. When I called they weren’t the least bit put off that it was another woman asking to book them. In fact, when I booked through the agency they checked first and said it would be fine with them.

So roll on later that evening, and the two of them arrived at my hotel room in central London. They were both dressed pretty conservatively, and we settled down and had a coffee. They talked, giggled a little and seemed really fun. In fact, they actually looked like they were enjoying the experience.

After a few minutes Anastasia touched my leg and kissed me. The thrill was simply phenomenal – like electric. When Katerina joined in kissing, too, it was amazing and we had a three-way snog. They were horny, naughty and super-kinky. We undressed each other and under their clothes they had sexy black underwear, which really turned me on, and by this point I was so wet I could hardly speak. What happened for the next 90 minutes was simply incredible. Lets just say we did everything to each other and then some.

The girls were in no rush to leave. We sat and drank coffee and and talked general stuff, their lives, my work, that kind of thing.

While the price was high, for two hours and to have two hot girls with great bodies it really was worth it. My appearance isn’t exactly flattering and I could do with skipping the gym a little less often, but I’m no frump, and so they both paid attention to me and seemed turned on by my body, too. So it was great.

This is a duo that I’d definitely book again.